President Tyler was a deist as well

President Tyler was a deist as well

On the Religious Deism website, we demonstrate how Washington, Madison, Monroe and Benjamin Franklin were self processed Christians but truly deists with many Religious Deism leanings. On the Religious Deism website, we also demonstrate how Jefferson, who never professed for one Christian Religion, and John Adams, a Unitarian, were nontheless theological deists with similar Religious Deism leanings.

A recent study on the religions of the US Presidents has established that President Tyler was a member of the Episcopal Church but without a doubt a theological deist.   Some of these founding fathers may have been traditional or classic deists but most, in their words and actions, demonstrate a definite tendency towards belonging to Christian religions for a variety of reasons while having deist leanings and probably even stronger links to Religious Deist theological beliefs.  Within that same vein, Religious Deists embrace their unique God-centered theology but also find value and a variety of reasons for beloning to Christian Churches, especially understandable since Religious Deism is a theology and not a religion.    

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