Reglious Deism and Cafeteria Christianity

Reglious Deism and Cafeteria Christianity

As mentioned in previous blog posts, Religious Deism is a theology and not a religion. Therefore, Religious Deism not only allows its members to attend Christian services, it encourages them to do so, especially when Religious Deists want to preserve the benefits and spirituality that comfort them in their traditional religion.

Religious Deism sees this apparent “dichotomy” as something very understandable, common and acceptable. Several of our members are Catholics and they describe this dynamic in the context of “Cafeteria Catholicism”. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church views Cafeteria Catholicism (the decision to accept some of the rules/theology of the Church and ignore others), as misguided but it does not ask its Cafeteria Catholics to leave the Church.

In the related case with Religious Deism, we see this type of “cafeteria” religion not as decision based on convenience but one of conviction based on Religious Deism theological differences. Religious Deism members can and do remain adherents to their particular Christian religions despite these theological contradictions, in a not so dissimilar way to that which other Christians and Catholics do.  In fact, statistics have shown that a many liberal Christians don’t make Jesus or his divinity the center of their religion, exactly what Religious Deist do with their God focused theology.

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