Religious Deism and dogs

Religious Deism and dogs

Pope Francis has spoken out about how people in the first world treat their dogs, socially and economically, better than they treat people in need. Dogs are fantastic additions to any family being loyal, loving and beings that we can banish to the backyard when we feel the need. However, as Pope Francis mentioned, Religious Deists believe that we need to be careful about making our dogs or any pets higher priorities than other more important things in our lives and in society.

Religious Deists beleive that we need to make sure that the money that dog owners in the US spend on food, vet services and other accessories comes close to matching what they spend on other, needy people. We also think that people need to be careful about preferring relationships with dogs over relationships with other people. Dogs are good companions but when people begin to prefer relationships with their dogs over people because they canĀ“t talk back, then dogs become a crutch rather than an aid.

Also, there are more than a few people and couples in the US who conciously or unconciously decide that somehow dogs are or can be substitutes for children. Religious Deists feel that dink (dual income, no kid) couples with dogs are incredibly misguided in this respect. And, if they truly believe in God, these couples need to realize that dogs are a great complement but not a substitute for children.

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