Why RDs Believe in God, belated Part III

Why RDs Believe in God, belated Part III

Sorry about our hiatus during the last 2 plus months.

We would like to mention a short, five point answer to this fundamental question. However, we would also like to mention that we have a 27 page section of our upcoming book on Religious Deism that we can send to you that goes into much more detail about these points and other issues related to our reason-based explanations for the existence of God and an afterlife.

Here are the five key points explaining why RDs believe in God, something which we will elaborate on during future blog articles. However, since RDs, like atheists, are de facto agnostic when it comes to their inability to accept that there are empirical proofs of the existence of God, we tend to characterize the below five points as why one CANNOT DISPROVE the existence of God with reason or empirical-based proofs and therefore why RDs accept with the help of reason, and as an absolute truth, the necessity of the existence of God.

Point 1 – Empirical Argument – If God is immaterial or not of the material world, and if God is not theistic (active on earth) as RDs profess and as we believe history demonstrates, then it is completely inappropriate to use earthly material or empirical proofs to determine the existence or non-existence of God. Religion is about hope and RDs have not found any acceptable reason-based arguments that establish the non-existence of God. Therefore, there is no reason not to believe in God, so why would we?

Point 2 – Deism vs Theism Argument – RDs believe that God must be a benevolent god. And, atheists would argue that the suffering, poverty and diseases that inflict mankind indescriminately demonstrate that a benevolent God cannot and does not exist. However, RDs see a clear contradiction in this point. While RDs believe that it is inappropriate to use empirical proofs to establish the existence of God, we accept as appropriate the use of empirical proofs to establish if God is deistic (without divine intervention on earth) or theistic (active on earth). As a result, the above argument only holds water with theistic faiths who insist that God is active on earth. Religious Deism does not pretend to understand all of God’s reasoning behind suffering on earth. Howerver, our belief that God is purposefully absent from our earthly lives and that divine intervention of any kind would violate this plan, means that said suffering is not an appropriate factor to use in the determination of the non-existence of God.

Point 3 – Just and Benevolent God Argument – There is a second point of contradiction with point two above that deserves to be mentioned. Despite the theist vs deist argument, atheists will argue that God´s benevolence is still in question in light of the indiscriminate suffering in the world. RDs would argue that while we do not fully understand God´s plan for us on earth nor can we explain away the nature of suffering, without a God, there is no afterlife. And, without an afterlife, there is no chance for many of these people to be relieved of this suffering, not in this transitional life but in the next eternal life. And, without this afterlife, there is no justice for these people. And, there is no justice for the good people on earth. Reason tells RDs that this cannot be the nature of our existence. And, if this is the nature, then life has no meaning and no significance and reason insists otherwise.

Point 4 – Universe Argument – Who/what created the world or who/what set things in motion? No one can definitively answer this question with science. God as the creator is what RDs believe and once again, we will leave the burden of proof that there is a complete scientific explanation to the scientists. And, neither RDs nor most educated people are not expecting that science will ever be able to solve this issue. RDs believe that this is one of the great mysteries that we will come to understand when we are with God in the afterlife.

Point 5 – Evolution and Mankind Higher Conciousness Argument – While RDs accept many aspects of evolution, they do not accept that there is a scientific explanation for how and why and when humans received the spark of higher conciousness that all other creatures on earth do not possess. RDs believe that God deposited this conciousness unto mankind as a special, unique gift, as part of our souls. While RDs do not pretend to understand why God waited until He did to give mankind this gift, we nonetheless do not see any scientific proof that demonstrates a transition from lower conciousness to our higher conciousness. And, RDs also are not expecting that science will ever resolve this issue.

There are other issues and arguments that we will be addressing in subsequent blogs. And, anyone who would like to receive the full chapter on this issue in the Religious Deism book “Search of Contradictionlessness”, let us know.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Brad and I live in Australia. I came across your website and I would love to read the entire chapter please.

    1. Brad, Thanks for the comment and sorry I didn´t get back to you sooner. I will send the chapter from my email to your email. Please confirm when you receive it. And, thereafter, let us know if you have any questions about the document or anything else on the website, specifically the RD Creed.

      Gene McEwan
      Religious Deism

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