How Religious Deism compares to:

Christianity Secular Deism Atheism/Agnosticism
In RD Not in RD In RD Not in RD In RD Not in RD
1. One God 1. Hell 1. Reason based theology & morality 1. No firm belief in afterlife 1. Search for truth, elimination of contradictions 1. No real hope
2. Benevolent God 2. Dogma > actions to attain afterlife 2. Hope on earth from others, not God 2. Possibility of no human interaction with God 2. No empirical evidence of existence of God 2. No theology
3. Afterlife/heaven 3. God > Children 3. Non-intervention of God on earth, no evidence of such 3. No true theology, philosophy only 3. Skepticism about revealed religion 3. No afterlife
4. Reckoning/ Purgatory 4. Reliance on prayer, creation of false hope on earth 4. Non-theists 4. Anti-religion 4. Non-theists 4. No religion
5. Salvation theology 5. Agnosticism about divinity of Jesus 5. Plan from God for humanity 5. No belief in absolute truth, good vs evil 5. Humanist views, humanness focus 5. Empirical review of immaterial/spiritual
6. Christian morality/ against relativism 6. Actions > beliefs 6. Morality based on reason 6. No belief in absolute truth, good vs evil
7. Religious focus & services