Do you believe in or are looking for the following five things

  1. A viable and practical theological alternative to the self-evident contradictions of revealed religious theology found in Christianity, the hopelessness of atheism and agnosticism, and the ambiguity and irrelevance of classical deism.
  2. Belief in God and the afterlife based on reason and not on questionable biblical revelations and contradictory Christian theology, emphasizing the search for “contradictionlessness” to arrive as close as possible to the truth about God.
  3. Hope based on reason
    1. In this life coming from the actions and not the prayers of others recognizing from personal and historical experience that it is misguided to expect God’s intervention here and that he is purposefully impersonal to us on earth.
    2. In the next life as part of the promise and intervention that we can expect from our all-powerful, benevolent God, based on what we do, how we treat others, and how we raise our children and not on what we say or profess.
  4. The absolute truth, importance and non-substitutability of dedicating ourselves to raising children and loving families as the top priority in our lives, and that our support for and the well-being of our children should be even more important than God in our earthly lives.
  5. Belief that relativism is misguided and despite Christian theological contradictions, that the tenants of Christian morality, the words and actions attributed to Jesus, and religious community are part of the message of God and consistent with logic and reason.