Who are the natural targets for the Religious Deist message?

We expect some Church-going Christians, especially more moderate ones, to find solace in RD theology. However, more so it is our hope and expectation that this website and the subsequent book gets into the hands of those people who have essentially abandoned God. On one hand, we are talking about cultural Christians who don´t find themselves at religious services or motivated by their religion and who as a result no longer give God very much serious thought. On the other hand, we are talking about agnostics and more open-minded atheists who, like RDs, are doubters and people who should be open to and enthusiastic about discussing just about anything that might bring them to a better understanding about the universe/God, humanity and the reason for our existence, especially if this effort might lead to a reason-based hope that their current beliefs do not offer.

Religious Deism offers frustrated Christians and disillusioned agnostics a non-revealed religious and theological alternative. It creates an alternative that we believe will resonate with Christians who are frustrated by the contradictions with the revealed religious aspects of Christianity and who are looking for something else that gives them hope while standing up in the face of logic and reason. Likewise, we believe that Religious Deism will resonate with many agnostics who want to believe in God and the hope that goes with the existence of God and an afterlife but who find Christian theology and spiritualism to be empty or false. With Religious Deism, we believe that they will. Come to realize that reason and logic can lead them to see the viability of a belief in God and an afterlife.