How Religious Deists “Worship” God, Part 1

How Religious Deists “Worship” God, Part 1

Religious Deists (RDs) worship God in three essential ways. In this first part, we will analyze the two prayers that RDs pray as the first way they worship God.

RDs pray a version of the Our Father prayer which in fact is as much a deist as a Christian prayer:

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be they name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. May we have this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us. And may we not be led into temptation and may we be delivered from evil. Amen.”

This version of the prayer does not ask God for anything “earthly”. It acknowledges what we as RDs believe as an abbreviated, informal creed of sorts. It is also something that we can and should say in difficult times to remind ourselves of who we are and what we believe, adn possibly as a one-way method of overtly “communicating” to God what we believe in our hearts, something which is not required or necessary but which helps us humans to reinforce these beliefs by their verbal outward expression. In one respect, saying this prayer is kind of a mental yoga for RDs. It is also a RD way of expressing our belief or “faith” in God and to express our feelings towards Him and to honor and thank Him for our existence, rather than actually “worshiping” Him.

Other than the “May We” Our Father, RDs say one other prayer, and somewhat ironically it is a petitionary prayer. While RDs believe that God purposefully does not intervene in our lives and therefore that petitionary prayer is both ineffective and inappropriate, this one Pascal-like petitionary prayer allows RDs to stay true to the search for contradictionlessness in our lives and in our search for the truth about God. RDs believe that this prayer is an honest and humble way of approaching the uncertain issue of theology and our inability to know without a doubt our all-powerful God and His intentions.

“Almighty and ever benevolent God our Father, our human experience suggests if not demonstrates that You, in your infinite wisdom, have decided not to intervene in our earthly lives.  Therefore, we believe that praying for Your intervention would be not only ineffective but possibly inappropriate and distracting from the truth.   Instead, we understand that we must look to each other for assistance and hope in this life, always trying, in general and in preparation for the next life with You, to:

  • Eliminate theological contradictions
  • Make children and family the priority in our lives
  • Be bigger than our circumstances and a channel of Your peace with others and in all facets of our lives
  • And work with others in the never ending effort to create heaven on earth.

Nonetheless, being your imperfect creations, should our reasoning about this important issue be wrong or misguided, we pray to You in this special case for Your help to deliver us from our errors and ignorance, and to show us the truth about You and Your plan for us.”

In the next blog article, we will analyze the other two, more substantial ways that Religious Deists worship God related to religious services and charitable actions. 

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