How Religious Deists “Worship” God, Part 3

How Religious Deists “Worship” God, Part 3

The blog article prior to this discussed as our second manner in which RDs worship God.  Below is the final, probably most important action-based way in which RDs honor and “worship” God.

Third, with Religious Deism being more about our actions than beliefs, RD “worship” reflects this focus.  Charity is stressed by most revealed religious and all Christian religions.  However, unfortunately most revealed religious groups all too often hold to the quote from Benjamin Franklin:  “Serving God is doing good to man, but praying is thought an easier service and therefore more generally chosen.”

For RDs, charity has to be an integral part of their “worship” of God.  And, charity takes at least two forms.  The most obvious form of charity is assisting others that we do not know, those in need such as orphans, those with illness, the disabled, those in despair and the elderly.  And, RDs have special place in their hearts for the elderly whose needs are far too often overlooked and often the people with the least amount of hope that their lives will change before they die.

The other form of charity that is even more important is the assistance of family and friends.  And, this type of assistance has more to do with not crowding out these people and making them a life-long, on-going priority.  It can and often does take the form of financial assistance or important favors, but generally it consists of staying in touch, spending time, and simply carrying about their physical and psychological state.  And, our elderly friends and family are an especially important focus of these efforts.  And while better late than never certainly applies to interacting with friends and family, if we wait too long to establish and nurture these relationships, we too often lose these links or do not make the difference that we could have, all in the name of the relativism of being too busy with what appear at the time to be perfectly legitimate and justifiable work and immediate family concerns. 

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