Religious Deism, Religious Deists, US Politics and Donald Trump

Religious Deism, Religious Deists, US Politics and Donald Trump

Religious Deism (RD) is a theology without being a religion and without political party leanings. It is generally smart and appropriate for theologies and religious movements to try to stay apolitical, just like the US government should be pro religion without embracing any religion. However, in general and especially during these tumultuous political and electoral times, where everyone is trying to understand how, why and if candidates reflect their values, it would be a disservice to not discuss where RDs should probably find themselves with regards to the current Presidential election – while as mentioned above trying to avoid partisan issues or leanings.

It is important to recognize that Religious Deists do not and will not find themselves clearly in the “red or blue” ideological camps being neither truly conservative nor liberal in the context of the US political spectrum. In fact, RD philosophy speaks to two different, apparently divergent trains of thought in terms of social, domestic and international political issues. Socially, RDs have a certain, undeniable conservative leaning as a result of putting family above everything, along with its beliefs against relativism and in favor of absolute truths based on reason. However, politically, RD dedication to the search for “contradictionlessness” and its focus on helping others and creating heaven on earth undeniably give us a more moderate to liberal socio political leaning. As a result, regarding international issues, RDs would probably find themselves in a similarly moderate position, recognizing the need to protect the country from terrorism and to do the right thing by the American people but doing so in a measured way so that we do not violate the rights of others and so that US policies try to do the right thing for all people both inside and outside of the US.

If you take the above RD leanings and try to find a clear fit within the Democratic or Republican camps, you won’t find one. While the Republican Party might generally be conservative, not all of its members are truly socially conservative – Donald Trump is a perfect example of this, so are its more libertarian-leaning relativist members. And, even some of the social conservative leanings of the Republican Party, including several of the religious right leanings, are not representative of RD social conservativism. And, without a doubt, many of the conservative political and international views of the Republican Party do not reflect most RD domestic and international views. On the other hand, while some Democratic Party domestic and international political views might more closely reflect RD views, many Democratic Party social stances are more at odds with RD social views than conservative/Republican social views.

Perhaps the best litmus test for RDs is something neither political nor social, but the commitment by the current candidates to the search for the elimination of contradictions and therefore an authentic dedication to a search for “the truth”. Without a doubt, the candidates for both parties seem to have a penchant for violating this premise. However, Donald Trump is clearly the embodiment of a candidate who does not care about nor have a high respect for the truth or searching for the truth. Also, he finds himself on the wrong side of the political and social RD spectrum mentioned above, being a social relativist while being essentially a populist fascist on most domestic and international political issues.

Religious Deists are found in both political parties for the reasons mentioned above. And, Religious Deism cannot and should not try to identify with Democratic or Republican parties for all of the right reasons. However, without a doubt, RDs should recognize that their religious philosophy is in no way in sync with almost anything that Donald Trump has said or done politically, economically and especially socially in his life. As a result, RDs feel that almost any other candidate would be preferable to Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

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